Polo Vivo Comfortline

Anything is possible in the Polo Vivo Comfortline

Live life to the full in the Polo Vivo. Built for that spur of the moment, the new Polo Vivo gives you the freedom to do life in a big way. And with so much to enjoy for so little, it’s easy to make things happen. So do more fun, do more places, do so much more in the new Polo Vivo Comfortline.

The new Polo Vivo goes back to Volkswagen roots by providing a car for the people. But that doesn’t mean you compromise on safety, technology and quality. The Polo Vivo is built to Volkswagen uncompromisingly high standards and this ensures that you will enjoy driving it for several years to come.

So join the revolution and drive brand new today. *Now Available*

Picture may vary from actual model available

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